Garuda ARM builds

Hey, there,
I have recently bought a Pinebook, and I'd like to use it with Garuda, as the Manjaro arm builds are kind of ... Boring. I love Garuda's features; I hope there is a way to get it to work.
Is this possible? Are there any plans to support ARM? What does it take to maybe try that on my own?



A familiarity with


Perhaps if you donate the hardware to the distro. If none of the Devs own the hardware I imagine the chances may be slim and none of this happening (unless you want to take the project on).


Hardware dono - difficult - that thing was kinda expensive (300$), it is now out of stock due to the global chip shortage, and shipping takes a while :confused:

Okay, I might have spoken too soon here, I guess I will not try that on my own xD
I have literally no clue, how to even set up an os - I will have to hope for the garuda devs to try that.

My point exactly.

This is a completely gratis project. If the Devs don't already own the required hardware, well then?


I agree to this - (I don't want to force anything here) If any of the devs have a spare phone to kill for arm linux, that may also be possible...
Or a cheaper crap-idea (on my side) arm device: PINEPHONE – Beta Edition Linux SmartPhone - PINE STORE

Maybe you would like to install Garuda softwares on mj through AUR.

If I was able to install garuda software via the aur, that would be amazing!

Sadly, my older smartphone was iPhone 6. You know how much I regret it.

Abbreviation: Manjaro

I guess you can do that
But even if you can't, they are all on gitlab. So it would take little time to just copy them and paste them.


What do you regret? Buying it, or (propably) not having it anymore?
I have to admit, the pinephone really isn't the best phone, it's kinda dying with most DEs/Distros

Off course.


Btw, looks like other people have tried AUR on ARM.


Yeah, I have used the raspberry pi with manjaro before (THAT IS AN ARM DEVICE! AND IT'S CHEAP!)
Very unstable by the way, randomly messed up bootloader after updating my device, very reliable.
(Raspbian wasn't that much better though xD)

That's the point. If AUR can run on Raspberry pi, why not on pinebook.

Just give it a go.

I have never said, that it wouldn't work xD
for some packages you are required to change the OS architecture though, but otherwise, it's working like a charm

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