Garuda and Windows

I have corrupted 3 external hard drives beyond repair by trying to transfer files to them so I could transfer those files to my windows computer. How do you transfer files to windows computers using external hard drives? If that is not possible, then stop using the btrfs system.

You're going to have to give some more details here. What OS are you attempting this in (Garuda or Windows), what filesystems are on the external hard drives, what drive are you attempting to recover files from and what filesystem is that using, and what do you mean by "corrupted beyond repair"?

That last bit is what confuses me, as Garuda suggests BTRFS for the root partition but doesn't really try to force that on any external drives. Those external drives would probably have NTFS on them if they're preformatted and transferring files from a BTRFS filesystem to an NTFS filesystem shouldn't cause the NTFS filesystem to become corrupted, much less cause any physical damage to the drive. And if you're attempting this from Windows, Windows can't recognize BTRFS, it only knows NTFS - you'll need to be booted in a Linux distro to do any work here.


Pardon, learn some Linux.

Perhaps you need to stop using the Windows operating system if you know nothing about its illegal file name conventions.

Transferring files that are incompatible with NTFS will corrupt drives every time.

Transferring files over 4GB in size will corrupt fat32 formatted drives every time.

Learn the Windows file rules.

We don't provide support for the Window OS.