Garuda and BSD

Hi. After installing Garuda Linux and being amazed by the distro I felt that my BSD desktop needed upgrading.
Do you have any plans on a Garuda BSD distro?

Here is Ghost BSD with simillar to Garuda look but not as great.

"If development was a race, Linux would be the rabbit and BSD the turtle. Even the slowest Linux distro releases a new version at least once a year (except Debian, of course). In the BSD world, major releases take longer. This means that there is more of a focus on getting things right then getting them pushed out to the user."

In short, I think rather not. :slight_smile:


Oh I think maybe I did phrase my question in a amibigious way.
I did of course not mean instead of a Linux distro but as an additional option.

In any case thanks for the great work.


Looks are not everything.

I was thinking about that when I had my first thoughts about Garuda Suckless, as BSD is closer to a KISS philosophy and uses ZFS (a pretty cool filesystem from what I read) as well as other cool tools. But still. BSD is more obscure and less suitable for a desktop than Linux. Although if somebody wants a cool-looking BSD he might still do that. We're a community distro, after all.

I did some searxing, there is ArchBSD which looks sketchy af, and there are also a few efforts to port pacman to FreeBSD. So if someone really wanted to, they could probably find a way to get chaotic-aur going on a BSD-type kernel and make a "Garuda from scratch" of sorts.

pacman on BSD doesn't have a maintainer, and it still seems like a bad idea for me. BSD is BSD, why use Chaotic-AUR with an incompatible kernel? Why use binaries there at all? Isn't the point there in this sweet ports system?

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