Garuda and ArcoLinux Laptop dual boot - I want the Garuda Theme

Hi There. This is not a problem as such I just want to take advantage of your Arch Linux combined knowledge. Additionally, there is no inxi as I don’t have the Laptop with me and it is really just a generic question on GRUB, not distro specific.

I also understand you don’t support dual boot but I’m going to try anyway.

I have a Dual Boot laptop with Garuda and ArcoLinux. I cant remember the install order but it uses, successfully, the ArcoLinux Grub Menu. I mostly log into Garuda though so i would like to change the GRUB to the Garuda Theme with Garuda as the top most entries.

I think I’ve tried most things, os-probe-btrfs, re-install Garuda grub and its options. Moving things around with GRUB-Customizer etc. So I’m looking for a bit of help as the ArcoLinux GRUB won’t go away.


That’s the first mistake if you’re unlucky. You’ll break things that you can’t expect help with here. Because this app penetrates deep into the system.

How do you do it?

Come back when you can post it, it’s only fair :smiley: to all the other users who followed the template.

If you install Garuda as the last DE it will work automatically.


Chroot, (re)install Garuda’s GRUB, update system, reboot. Dunno if you’ll need to fiddle with os-prober or not. I’ll leave that to you.

(I’m not into elegant solutions. I hack-n-grind, slash-n-burn. Jesu Cristo, somebody give me a cheeseburger!)


Just listen :wink:

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Yeah, I worked it out, I did so many things I’m not quite sure what fixed it.

I was just seeking a quick answer…

One of the greatest musicians alive! :heart:

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Was not sure where to post this, but thought for you and me it could explain a lot. When it happens here I have tried to find the culprit of the slow frees and shut down with not always having the Grub menu after forced restart and never find anything.

Fixed a bug affecting with certain GPU setups that could cause KWin to use 100% of a CPU core whenever anything was using PipeWire to record the screen–which is actually quite a lot of things, including window thumbnails in the Task Manager and Overview effect (Xaver Hugl

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