Garuda 95, Garuda 93

I'm just spitballing weird ideas. What if this amazing, monsterous gaming distribution had an OG *nix/Windows95 look? I'm talking NsCDE, FVWM95, or CTWM? Maybe versions for all three? The default terminal wouldn't be Alacritty anymore unless needed by the Garuda Settings Managers.

It would be rxvt-unicode. Change the Garuda settings managers to support rendering in those DEs. Everything else, in and out, remains unchanged.

It'd be a fun project for the devs! Imagine challenging yourself to customize such a stripped-back desktop environment, the Garuda way! No animations here, default shortcut changes there, and voila.

You can change Garuda icons to have a 95/CDE look too! It wouldn't be unrecognizable. It'd be like if Garuda was the first Unix distribution. Such a cute idea... It would solidify the stronghold and limitless potential of this distribution.

Bringing back the 90s to the modern Linux/Windows/Mac gamer? They'd lose their minds. It'd probably gain insane popularity due to how bizarre it is.

I can go on about this forever. Imagine going to your friends house, thinking they're running some weird shit from the early 90s. Then, they open Cyberpunk77 with it. CLASSIC ALERT. Straight up voodoo to the unknowing.

I'm sure someone else could do this if they were interested. :wink:


I have always preferred to go forward rather than go backward. By the way, UNIX did not do graphics or color until very late. We use to paint our dumb monitors different colors. not.


Sounds like fun, but to me not like a distribution/spin. It sounds like something you would do to a secondary install on your own machine - for the fun with the unknowing...

Another spin is a lot of work - and I would suggest creating and fine-tuning the setup you like, then writing a wiki how-to on the methods you used :grin:


It should be based on the trinity de.

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No, we need Windows 3.0. :rofl:

Sorry, it's a cool idea, but not likely something that devs have the time to play with.



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Thats i3's Job

Yeah yeah necro ;p

I'm working on ctwm now. Found this searching for it to see what others might have done. Kinda a throw back to my BSD days but also just trying to cobble together something for the future since all full DE are busted for my ironic, going into the past for the future...kinda like history repeating itself...

I was hoping the barebones installer would suffice as a building block for this terrible idea but it's got KDE already...DOH!