Gaming Software Available

Good day, i supervise a few machines and i'm thinking Garuda for gaming on some of those. So i want to ask about the state of your gaming software builds. What Kernel, Futex, Mesa, Wine, Dxvk, Vkd3d, Rocm builds do you provide? Are they state of the art?


Boot live ISO and check out.

Arch rolling, sure :slight_smile:


Hi there, welcome to forums.
Here is list of all packages including their version in latest Dr460nized Gaming Edition


Before we will allow you to install Garuda on your hardware, we must know if your hardware is sufficiently advanced.

Is your hardware state of the art?

If not, please be sure to purchase all new computers to test run Garuda.

Perhaps you can send some new hardware our way too, (while you're in the buying mood). :wink:


I propose to remake the ISO with instalation space so we can check the latest packages and all the repositories.

Heard of Wine-TKG and other things. Those are binaries or sources and from what repository?

Unfortunately nor me or you will be able to buy a single new Gpu. Thankfully i bought ahead of time and now i don't have a problem, cheers.

Can you please reply as to what Wine version do you provide and from what repositories? Also if they are sources or binaries?

You can test if we release new ISO's. You can check everything on


Arch rolling system, so sure.

Please test for your self in all live ISO's whether it meets your requirements.