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Hello everyone, I recently installed Garuda Linux on my pc. I didn't got any issues AT ALL. It runs smoothly, has a good design and it's interesting to look. I only have problems when it comes at playing games. I installed ets2 (avaiable by default on linux) and tried it. It lagged too much. That's weird isn't it? I tried lowering the settings to the ones i use in windows 10 for gaming but still same results. Is there anything i can do, if yes what? And if possible, can someone explain me why it lags so much? Thanks and have a nice day :).
PS: I didn't get any error or message, it just lags. Here there are my pc specs:
CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1240P (16) @ 4.4 GHz
GPU: Intel Alder Lake-P Integrated Graphics Controller
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Mobile

Looks like it might be not be using the Nvidia GPU if it is lagging.
Try Steam game start parameters in this wiki entry:


Ok thanks sir. I'll try.

Hello there, I'm playing ETS2 as all with Garuda, without any issues.

Besides @skidderz advice, which is a good one here another thought:

But a year or so ago, ETS2 reworked the light system of their engine and since then it is pretty demanding (inefficient!).
I have a Radeon 6800XT and whether on Win10 Professional or on Garuda (or any Linux distro for the sake) driving at night in cities or near by laterns or toll stations gives me a suspiciously high GPU load. No lagging since I've got the calc power but for the actually quality of the engine (it doesn't look as polished as like the latest FarCry or Satisfactory as examples) it is way to demanding hence inefficient.
My ETS2 graphic settings are all ULTRA and maxed out on 1080p.
Having a 3050 mobile might get you in trouble for using Proton in addition, so it is like the drop which get the barrel overfilled entirely and you'll get lags. Sometimes the compositor gets issues with that type of trouble, I even got tearing on the second screen on YouTube while driving with my MAN on ETS2. With my hardware it is a no go, while playing way more demanding (and better looking games) I don't have this issue (examples: Kingdom Come Deliverance, Satisfactory, SCUM,...).

Try reducing the graphic settings of ETS2:

  • Lightning
  • Reflections
  • Shadow Quality

To help you GPU a bit. You still can use ULTRA textures and filtering like AA or AF since it has a lesser impact on the core issue which is inefficient lightning of the engine of ETS2 (perhaps also ATS).

I hope this helps,

best greetz and a joyfull experience,
Bruce :shark:

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