Games that would use Proton would not open

I am relatively new to Garuda and I have this issue where I can't open any game that would require Steam's Proton. I would try to launch the game through the Steam client and the game would not open at all. Native games do run properly, but all other games, even ones marked as platinum on, don't even open.

My inxi:

i don´t no what u have try or choose on steam . but have activate steam play in settings and choose a proton version on the steam client ?
u can also choose to force a special version of proton for every game . example u choose proton 6.3-8 as default proton ... but u game need proton experimental u can set it on the game preference for this game only.
if u make that all and it wont work then post what error msg u got when u try to run the game

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Did you read the comments on Often they will have tips and tricks to run a game. It is not always just installing the correct proton version.

Also, you might try and install The Glorious Eggroll Proton version, you can find it in the chaotic-aur repos 'proton-ge-custom-bin.' Select it in Steam as @smoky has outlined above.

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Do you try to install your games on a Linux filesystem? if you are trying to install games on NTFS (the filsesystem windows uses) for example it did not work for me. I had to convert my harddrive to BTRFS (the Linux filesystem) first before i could install proton games on it.
But if you are installing your games on the same drive your system is running on that isnt the problem. Your systems drive is BTRFS.


If Z3r0ut's diagnosis is correct, you could give this a try. It all looks legit, but I'm unable to verify the final point about negating the NTFS read errors as I've not used NTFS and Proton.

Note that nano isn't installed by default on Garuda KDE, you'll first need to run:
sudo pacman -Syu nano
In order to follow those instructions.

If you choose the "secure" method linked at the top of the article, use nano instead of vi and note they mount in different places, you'll need to correct for this for your own configuration.

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