Full backup and restore to other SSD

Hey, so I have my internal SSD with Window's and an external SSD plugged into the USB port of my laptop. I really like Garuda and want to ditch windows entirely so have been thinking about moving Garuda from external to internal SSD. I would just like to know what would be the best method to do that? Because I have made lots of configuration changes such as installing packages and using systemctl and some startup scripts etc. So what would be the best way to get an entirely cloned backup onto another SSD with all my configurations, settings and everything restored. Timeshift? Does that work the best for cloning and saving every little setting and modification? Or another tool recommended for cloning? Thanks



I like rsync for this kind of thing. Though it doesn't have a GUI, it does have the advantage of being installed by default on most distros (including Garuda).


Thanks, will check it out

Rsync sounds like a sync tool not a cloning tool but I have never heard of it. Will take a look though thanks

If you're looking for a full, true clone use dd.

(Or just use Clonezilla. Which is a nice bit of GUI. I'm just a big terminal girl.)


Haha fair enough. I'm mostly a terminal kind of guy when it comes to things like file managing and permissions and plenty more but flashing a Linux distro I like to use BalenaEtcher for example bit flashing Windows I like this script I created (.sh) I chmodded and can execute and leave. Easier than a tool as it's a script and easier than woeusb. Just depends though for me. Appreciate the options from you though as can experiment for now and learn more. But for something such as data backup and cloning, I do like GUI as I can see and click easier and I feel happier using it usually.

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If you are considering rsync (which should work OK) - take a look at grsync - which is a GUI access to rsync. Much more accessible to have the options in front of you! Also - there is a 'dry run' option which allows you to try your configuration for completeness before writing the results for real. Highly recommended!


Hey so I tried clonezilla for my first attempt at using tools and methods and I cloned it to a traditional hard drive. It's been loading for nearly an hour it seems at the spinning circle after the kernel and ramdisk loads. Just wondering if this is normal to be so slow with a hard drive or if this may be a problem with the clone? The white bar seems to not move at all anymore showing it may have fully loaded.

Nevermind, turned it off and on again and it seems good. Weird...


You'll probably want to fsck it to be sure it's all copacetic. (Better to be overcautious than to be me. I mean under-cautious.)

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