Fstrim.timer + btrfs-tim.timer?

Garuda installed on SSD.
After installation, I automatically enabled and started fstrim.timer.
Later I looked at the output of “systemctl list-timers -a”:

Both fstrim.timer and btrfs-trim.timer run on a timer.
Other informations:
Partitions: K-perny-k-p-2023-10-20-09-28-51 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
/etc/fstab: K-perny-k-p-2023-10-20-09-32-58 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
Question: Can you stay? Or should I disable fstrim.timer?

No need to have them both enabled. In fact, if you start one it will automatically stop the other since they are conflicting services.

File: /usr/lib/systemd/system/btrfs-trim.service
Description=Discard unused blocks on a mounted filesystem


Since you are using Btrfs, I would just use the Btrfs version. I’m not sure what additional considerations have been implemented for btrfs-trim–maybe it is the same, maybe not.

My understanding is TRIM is less essential for COW filesystems in the first place, and also I believe it can be incorporated into a balance routine, so it would not surprise me to learn it is a more customized or specifically appropriate version of TRIM.

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Thanks for the answer!
Before installing, I consulted on the internet and found more information on how to activate fstrim.timer after installing Garuda. ( 5 Things to do IMMEDIATELY After Installing Garuda Linux - Linuxman )
I was totally surprised when it turned out that the btrfs-trim.service runs trimmed by default.

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