French Translations on the website

Hi everyone,
Kudos again to this great community!

The website exposes the main and most interesting features of Garuda under: " Special Spotlights"
I did chose French in the language, and it is translated as: " Projecteurs spéciaux" which is an odd literal translation.
I think it's not really the best you can make, I would suggest:

« Fonctionnalités à l’honneur ! » or « Fonctionnalités phares ! » or « Fonctionnalités sous les projecteurs »

Let me know if I can participate or help.


HAHAHAHA! Good ol' google translator, it seems. :smiley:

The team cannot catch everything in every single language, of course, but it's good to point out those obvious ones!

I think out of the 3 the best one is be Fonctionnalités à l’honneur !

What page is that? I'd like to look at it.

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Hey @FGD, it's on the main page, just after choosing the language.
I did not look at the rest, but I will may may suggest something better if I find a weird text :wink:

Ha I see!

Yeah, maybe Points Forts would also be a good translation, but yours that I voted for above gives more polishing to the translation. Points Forts is kinda dull.

I still vote for Fonctionnalités à l'honneur! That's quite selling!!

I've seen another one. In the Chaotic-AUR section at the end of the paragraph it says " environ 2400 packages en ce moment ! "
I would translate packages for paquets.

I stopped reading at the characteristics section, though.


Yep "paquets" is much better or "paquets de logiciels" as we can find in this site:

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Another Garuda flavour I did not know: "Balancement de Garuda" loool
I think we need to keep "Sway" here, as this is the official Window Manager!

Sway got translated to Balancement de Garuda? Oh my.... lollll

You made my day Erics, I'll go to sleep with a big smile tonight. :smiley:

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You catched these translation errors quite well, as pointed out earlier these are due to using Google Translate on the website. Afaik when using this method it's not possible to manually change things (excluding content excluded from translation), correct me if I'm wrong @Naman :eyes:

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lolll :smiley: That's how it is, then. :slight_smile:

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Well, then, if you want to provide a sheet with translations to change, then opt out from the Google Translate mode, I am happy to help. If not possible, then let it be :slight_smile:


Only "Sous les projecteurs" would be perfect in meaning and short!

LOL "Faretti speciali" :wink:

All the rest is almost flawless though.

Yes, it is not possible yet to add individual translation to website yet.
(And sorry for late response btw :sweat_smile:)


Mh, BMW, I think :thinking:

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