Freezing after continual use

While I'm using LXQT-Kwin version of Garuda and using literally 2 apps it seems to hang after some time for no reason.
I'm not stressing the Cpu in each case.

Without any information about your system (which you were asked to provide in the text you deleted before posting) there's very little to go on.

The main reasons for a freeze would be 1) a hardware issue, like high temperatures or a loose connection or 2) completely exhausting available RAM.

(And before you say "but I'm literally only running 2 apps" that doesn't mean anything without more information)


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I would normally agree with you but in this case memory is barely reached half use and temp is fairly normal at 63c

Without any further information (inxi, journalctl output from around the time of the freeze, ...) it could be literally anything. Bad RAM, failing hard drive, ... literally anything.


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Please provide your config details with
inxi -Faz


For the third time please provide your inxi -Faz output. If your next post on this thread does not contain that information your thread will be binned.

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It seems the problem is Opera dev I've switched to Edge and it's smooth.

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