Freeglut3-dev libusb-1.0–0-dev

Hi, i am trying to install the following packages, and i get this error.

╭─[email protected] in repo: libfreenect on  master via △ v3.20.0 took 9s
[:red_circle:] × sudo pacman -S freeglut3-dev libusb-1.0–0-dev
error: target not found: freeglut3-dev
error: target not found: libusb-1.0–0-dev

What packages are you exactly trying to install?



Why are doing this? The packages aren't called that?

1) aur/libfreenect-git v0.5.6.r0.g4d2fede-1 (27, 0.00)
    Drivers and libraries for the Xbox Kinect device on Linux
2) aur/libfreenect2 0.2.0.p1-3 (8, 0.00)
    Open source drivers for the Kinect for Windows v2
3) aur/libfreenect 0.6.2-1 (4, 0.00)
    Drivers and libraries for the Xbox Kinect device on Linux

You'll want one of these....

Welcome to Garuda! :garuda:


Thank you my friend for your kindness and for your reply.
Its for ROS and my Openkinect sensor.
i am following this tutorial in the link below.

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Btw, what is the diffrence between the GIT and other libraries.
every time i go to add a new software i see that there is a git version and other versions.
Which is more benifical on the long run?

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This is the Arch Version of the Package! Install this! Different packages can be called different things on different bases so I understand why you were confused!

Arch Linux

There is a libfreenect PKGBUILD in the AUR. Alternately, the libfreenect-git PKGBUILD builds the very latest.


Before following any article, check the AUR - either from pacman, or Add/remove Software, for the files required. Or consult -

This saves a whole heap of trouble, long term. :slight_smile:


Other libraries are other editions of this library (yes really), the git version is always the latest experimental version (usually from git, github, gitlab, etc.) The benifits of using the non-git version is usually more stability over experimental features, and if you use packages with -git postfix you have the latest features over stability.