Fosshost is approaching end of life

It is with deep regret that we must announce that Fosshost is closing its doors to hosting free open source projects. Fosshost was extremely generous with providing free services to many open source projects. Sadly those days are numbered for the free projects using the services Fosshost so generously provided.

We would like to offer our heart felt thanks to Fosshost for all their assistance in hosting Garuda since its inception. Getting Garuda up and running might not have ever happened if not for the free services Fosshost so kindly provided us.

Have no fear, the loss of the Fosshost servers will not adversely affect Garuda. We prepared for this eventuallity a while back by purchasing sufficient server capacity to keep Garuda operating just in case Fosshost ever went down. A big shout out to all the generous members of the Garuda community that made acquiring this safety net possible. Without the generous donations over the last year and a half by our members Garuda's days might have been numbered as well.

A huge thank you from the entire team to all our community members who donated financially to keep the Garuda project up and running. :pray:

Cheers, and all the best to you, our great supporters. :beers:



Good thing someone is making donations. I give every month
7.19 EUR


Long Live Garuda. I have planned to use Garuda for the rest of my life so please make sure that this distro never comes to it's end of life at least in a 100 years from now.


I will donate to garuda but when i will be earning :slight_smile:

At this time garuda is very helpfull for me in my academics , thanks wm(s) offered by garuda as while writing any code or doing any school project or while just studying , i always need 2 to 3 windows open in front of my screen

In short long live garuda :saluting_face:


If you're registered as a 501(c)(3) in the USA, we can give and deduct on taxes. There's a lot that comes with that though (revenue reporting and more).

Unfortunately, Garuda being a project that has roots in different jurisdictions around the world this is not a simple matter. It has been discussed, but the hoops that we are required to jump through to arrange this just seems more headaches than it's worth.

Tax laws are different in every country and no one on the project is a tax specialist, so it's not likely to happen. It is pretty much the same situation if the distro wanted to sell
merchandise. It's just not worth the hassle it creates having to report taxable income from sales. The minor income from merch sales would create tax implications that are more headaches than it's worth.

Sorry, but I don't think that's in the cards.


This is the official statement of Fosshost's founder.


thanks for sharing.

Where can we go to Donate?

Nice of you to ask.


That’s good


A wise man once said:

All good things must come to an end. (and bad things too!)

With that being said, I hope that becomes a success.

Thankfully Garuda shouldn’t be affected by this too much.

Happy New Year everyone!