Forum gif issue

hey .today i thought to use gif but when i was using it shown an error .which is showing to contact admin to fix the api of giphy


i am old user bro

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like this i am also able to use gif but through gif option its not working

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The question is rather whether we want to have this enabled? Team? :smiley:


Oh sorry.. I thought copying and pasting from the website. Now realized that in forum also it exists... :man_facepalming:

Done :slight_smile:

And please @bugfix, don't call me or other bro. Thank you.

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from me yes

sgs i donot call you

yes their i called you bro as i thought is it good to type SGS name .by the sorry for that

Stop flagging your own posts for gaining attention. You have posted, we will see it. No need of flagging.

Flagging is generally used for highlighting inappropriate behavior, which needs to be dealt urgently.
For example, purely promotional or abusive content posts, among other reasons.


noo i was just clicking and clicked on flag .for that i am extremely sorry naman

It requires 3 or more clicks to flag any post.

But as you are saying, I believe you that it was by mistake/you didn't know its meaning.

Anyway, returning to the topic.

I am now looking at how to fix it. Will try to fix it asap.

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Give It Away GIF by Awkward Daytime TV


Akshay Kumar GIF

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