Former Apple dork now loving Garuda!

Hi everyone! I am a web developer and a programmer who recently got flung into Garuda linux - and honestly, I've got to say that I'm really, really impressed by this.

I would really like to say that the artists, the designers, and the programmers here - there are quite a few who have put a lot of effort into making the GUI for this AMAZING.

The only thing I can think of that compares to it was Ubuntu Studio, but that's been outdated for some time now...and while Garuda does promote itself as an gaming and a performance distribution, the things that make a machine good at gaming and performance also help with design and content creation.

It will never happen, but an edition that caters to graphic design and creative types would be AWESOME.


It already has!



Thanks for the nice words and welcome to Garuda Linux.
Right, it will never happen because 5 to 6 people are screaming "bloat" all over the worldwideweb. :smiley:

But it's easy with

pacman -Syu inkscape blender ... what you need

after the fact.

Where is the link :smiley: :wink: whats inside in the DE?


Welcome on board! I was surprised as well when I tried Garuda for the first time. I'm still surprised about what these guys can do as they are a little crew.

Garuda is amazing :wink: