Format USB Drive

How do i format a Pendrive or USB Hard drive in Garuda linux? There is no option in file manager just like in windows? i checked the KDE partition manager also. couldnt find an option by right clicking the drive (Only delete option available). Also i am not able to instal gparted bcoz of the pacman 6 issue... :frowning_face:
Is there any way to add an option in file manager just like in windows to format usb drives?

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1m

Where sdX is your USB drive

Then from partition manager you can select it, right click, properties and e g. select the format to give.
But I think dd is a very good way to wipe everything.

The easiest way is GParted (you have to unmount before doing anything) :slight_smile:


So there is no simple way just like in windows!!! ( by right clicking the mouted drive in file manager and selecting format).. :frowning_face:

This is not a forum for basic computer questions.
We are happy to help if possible but some of it is outside our and the Garuda Linux OS area.
Try the Arch Linux Wiki. File systems - ArchWiki

We can't do it for you, unfortunately.


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