Forking Apdatifier project

For KDE 6 I found a really nice widget that could be good enough for the stock build as I think it could help new an if like me lazy users lol.

So I’m asking, are there any big rules for forking a project? I don’t really have the skill but I think forking Apdatifier an changing the code to do garuda-update instead of paru,yay, pacman -Syu. I dont think i have the skill or github knowledge but I would be willing to try. An 2 SGS cool black and also white mono tray icon options for like the garuda bird would be really cool.

I don’t speak for Garuda or anyone else but myself. Update notifiers are somewhat antithetical to the Arch simplicity philosophy, but more importantly, can lead to partial update scenarios, a possible deadly situation.

It also bypasses Garuda’s updating mechanism, the “garuda-update” script which can also leave you woeful.

Against, just my opinion. :smiley:


True I do agree with that. I did say removing the “bad for garuda options” but I fully understand what you mean.

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Yep, saw that.

That would also mean someone maintaining a Garuda fork, which adds yet another dependency layer. :wink:

Or… you could volunteer? You been here awhile, now. Feeling itchy to give-back a little? :slight_smile:


If i was a bit more skilled or just more knowledgeable with git an non python 2 code lol I’d be down to try. but Im far from there yet

Beyond my skill lol. but even having the tray icon show the info about what needs to be updated. Then when you click update it just runs the System update script from garuda assistant might work to then its 100% garuda

LOLOLOL…I understand. “OMG, an update! I must do so!”

My registration date in the Arch Forums is in Aug. 2014 IIRC, and I’ve been running Arch for a bit longer than that, ArchBang, whatnot, but let’s just round it at 10 years. And in all of that time, there has never been even one day that I didn’t experience updates. Not a day. Not in 10 years.

So if there are daily updates in Arch, please tell me; what is the value of somebody or thing telling me something I damn-well already know? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Example: My phone’s alarm rings every day @ 2 PM to wake me from naptime, otherwise it’s set no-disturb. When that alarm goes off every afternoon, I do not need to look at my phone to know what time it is. I know.

I also know you are trying to be helpful. And I appreciate that. :smiley:


It’s truly never ending ive been off an on arch since maybe a month or so before the first garuda came out Fresh off of despising manjaro lol. I update maybe ones a day tell I see a kernel update then a wait at least 24-48 hours as i feel there are bug fixes most the time lol.

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There are many here that have been there, survived by the skin of their teeth and share your woes, bruddah! We rejoice in your survival!


About github: first fork the project on gh to your account, then clone it locally, set up and if necessary , make a new branch for your changes, push back to your fork when done. This way, you can easily share the changes upstream (a “pull request” in gh jargon, though most call it a “merge request”). There’s better documentation on gh but this is the idea.

There’s a chance it can simply be configured, or at least the change would be trivial.

I searched “-Syu” in the GitHub repo (note: must be logged in for code search) and these are interesting places
apdatifier/package/contents/tools/tools.js at 50f975e9ae26f4bac85ff1d68ca59a6663ce9582 · exequtic/apdatifier · GitHub

            if (plasmoid.configuration.wrapperUpgrade) {
                archCmd = `${plasmoid.configuration.selectedWrapper} -Syu ${flags}`

apdatifier/package/contents/ui/ConfigGeneral.qml at 50f975e9ae26f4bac85ff1d68ca59a6663ce9582 · exequtic/apdatifier · GitHub

            placeholderText: i18n(" only flags, without -Syu")

but I don’t see if/how that is used.

I know nothing of these widgets.

Note that garuda-update would not like a “-Syu”. Last resort, and quite ugly, you may wrap it with something like garuda-update "${@/-Syu}" to strip the unwanted argument.

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