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I edited the file /etc/pam.d/sddm


auth     include        common-auth
auth     optional
account  include        common-account
password include        common-password
session  required
session  include        common-session
session  optional auto_start 

And then changed all common to system and after rebooting I am unable to login with old password

`common-auth to system-auth
common-account to system-auth
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Done I booted system to old snapshot

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All rounder solution for anything is boot to snapshot thanks to Garuda.

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I am no expert about sddm, but with forgotten password you can always go on live-usb and chroot into system(super convenient with garuda-chroot). And just change passwords from there.


Thanks for letting me know

It's great when you can track down a problem and fix it on your own without using snapshots.
If you have a spare laptop you can break boot and so on and learn how to chroot and other fixes using searches. Play and enjoy.


Yes it's knowledgeable but I got info about chroot after problem got fixed and here it's too much hard to get 2nd pc thanks for your kindly inform.

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