For thoose with dual boot systems

I recently installed linux-xanmod-cacule from aur and the performance was amazing, there is no doubt about that but there is a catch, the xanmod kernel uses the new paragon ntfs3 driver as a module (you can check it with modinfo ntfs3) on its version 5.14.x wich is not suported by paragon (its on the FAQ page of paragon website, that they don't support any kernel below the official implemented aka 5.15) whats the problem? well as soon as I booted from the xanmod kernel the first thing that I noticed is that every file on my ntfs partition changed color (I use double commander an it changed from yellow (specified excecutables) to green (excecutables)) that did not bother me because everything still worked or so I belived, today when I went to my P folder I noticed there were less files, reeboted to windows 10 to check and there were no just less files there were NO files on the P folder, I ran Everything (a file search tool) and it did show the files but when I clicked it take me to the empty folder, not just that but the syslinks were not working on the ntfs partition (ej the default user and all users folders icons showed a red x) after a chkdsk /F d: the P folder files were restored and even an 1.8 gb file from a suposedly erased baldurs gate installation. My advice for thoose with a dual boot system like me is, if you want to use any xanmod kernel wait until it reaches version 5.15 because otherwise your ntfs partition might be in danger.
PD: the performance with ntfs3 was a lot better than with ntfs-3g so wait with anticipation the 5.15 kernel


That sounds like a pretty major bug with that kernel package.

Glad it didn't bite you harder...

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yeah, I just freaked out when on the windows side was nothing on the folder, lucky me I guess.

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