Font weirdness

I just installed Garuda (KDE) and am loving it. But there's something weird going on with my display, and I'm not sure if this is a firefox thing or OS thing or just a weird idiosyncratic thing.

Why is this text so hard to read?

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Disable dark reader

Also welcome to the garuda linux forum!

Thanks! I disabled Dark Reader, still looks basically the same.

Same here, maybe @Naman can fix :slight_smile:
Color is

color: white;


If I turn off Fira Sans and just have it display in my default font, it is perfectly readable. Alternatively turning off font-weight 100 also renders it readable.

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Yep, actually we recently switched fonts to fira sans.

I will fix it by tomorrow.

And I am really thankful that you pointed it.
(Actually I was a bit too busy to bother it so closely. And I am sorry for it :sweat_smile:)


It Looks fine to me.

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It does look fine to me too, on my tablet (Samsung)

But, it doesn't look fine in mobile devices and some other devices.

So, I must fix it.