Flashed BIOS after that no Internet Access

yeah right after flashing bios my pc got into a loop, came to know right away secure boot is enabled and disabled it.... moreover i have disabled fastboot and one more window specific setting

I gave your predicament to the AI at you.com. Is the followiing of any use...?


how install driver for "Ethernet Connection (17) I219-V" on arch linux?

To install the driver for the "Ethernet Connection (17) I219-V" on Arch Linux [1][2], you can use the package manager Pacman. First, make sure you have the latest version of Pacman installed on your system. Then, open a terminal window and run the following command:

sudo pacman -S i219v-17

This will install the driver for the "Ethernet Connection (17) I219-V" on your system [1][2]. Once the installation is complete, you can then configure your network settings to use the new driver. Alternatively, you can also use the netctl utility to configure your network settings.
1. open source boot firmware [appnote:hardware_drivers] - iPXE
2. Trends/README.md at master linuxhw/Trends GitHub

╭─ad@adpc in ~
╰─λ sudo pacman -S i219v-17
[sudo] password for ad:
error: target not found: i219v-17

tried even installing some .tar.gz files but to no avail

For sooo long i tried troubleshooting and Thank You Guys @SGS @thunder-son @Colin for your valuable inputs :grinning: learned many things today will see couple of days more if any solution is available or else I'll have to unwillingly switch back to windows:(

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If you can’t get the KDE version of Garuda working why not give the Gnome version a try? It may not be as pretty as the KDE spin, but it is very reliable. It has given me virtually no problems since I started using it approx 6 months ago.

A Special Thanks to @SGS for suggesting me to check the BIOS and there was this one setting "NETWORK STACK" which was disabled by default maybe a new addition after i flashed the BIOS i just enabled it and BOOM !!! I'm free from clutches of M$

And i would also like to mention that Garuda is one of the most Beautiful Distros !!


It's great to know you've got the problem sorted :partying_face:

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