Flagfox in firefox

Hello, I am new member to Garuda Linux. installed KDE dragonizee and I love it :heavy_heart_exclamation: . Just one question it seems firefox comes with some addons which have to removed via package manager. I removed them but can't seem to find flagfox. How can i remove it?

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Hey & welcome :grin:
Cant remove that one as it is baked into garuda-dr460nized-settings (was too lazy to make a separate PKGBUILD a while back)
... buuut I just did that. Just update & it will be gone. Users wanting to retain Flagfox can install firefox-extension-flagfox now :slight_smile:


I have another problem
With the swap
Should i make a separate post
Or u might be able to help
I think its a bug
Edit: nvm found it another person's post and an admins cleared it up :upside_down_face: