[FIXED][Minor issue] [Garuda install ISO] Automount devices is enabled causing installer partition issues

Hello. When trying to install garuda a little while ago, I kept getting "failed to write partition" errors from calamares. Turns out the fix is very simple, just disable "automount drives" in the KDE settings. I think this is a new KDE default, but it messes with the installer and I see no need for it on a live system. It can also be daunting for a new user who is just trying linux for the first time... Please fix if possible.

If this has been fixed, just close the thread and ill confirm once I have time to image my last spare computer with garuda.

Should already be fixed :eyes: shared/garuda/live-overlay-common/etc/skel/.config/kded5rc · master · Garuda Linux / Tools / iso-profiles · GitLab


Awesome! I will test when I get a shot. For now I will close this.

When was a little while ago if I may ask?

March 17th

Yeah, we didn't have an ISO with a fix released yet at that time. Should be fixed by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Thanks!

Can confirm, is fixed

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