Fix or alternatives too redshift on Garuda wayfire

Hi, I'm having some problems with redshift and couldn't find anything on my issue. I'm fairly new to Linux, and Garuda Wayfire is my second distro. redshift opens for a few seconds, then opens a page that says:
Notice: solar elevations: > 3.0 (day), < -6.0 (night)
Notice: Temperature: 6500k (day), 4500k (night)
Notice: Brightness: 1.00:1.00
Notice: Gamma (day): 1.000, 1.000, 1.000
Notice: Gamma (Night): 1.000, 1.000, 1.000
Notice: location: 44.50 N, 88.01 W
Notice: Color temperature: 6500k
Notice: Brightness: 1.00
Notice: Status: enabled
Notice: Period: daytime
[email protected]: error 1: the gamma ramps don't have the correct size
Error: Wayland connection experienced a fatal error: ~1
Error: Temperature adjustment failed

I forgot the terminal command to show system specs, but I can show it if asked.
If this isn't fixable, I will use an alternative if suggested, but I have had issues with installs building.


I think he knows the command but forget to post here, but my English is bad :slight_smile: you know.

Yes, please.

Try to give a look here:

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I'm new to this sort of thing, my first post on the forums of any linux install. what part of the putput should I share?

wlsunset is what I found. Works very well

wlsunset seems to work, But what I found for using it isn't very detailed. sorry for needing so much help, but could you explain how to use it?

Could you please link it?
Not that we post here something that you had already found.

Missing your garuda-inxi output too.

wlsunset --help, man wlsunset, source, tutorials, dotfiles, ...

Help is everywhere


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