(FIX) Optimus-Manager GNOME broken out of the box

At the time of writing the GNOME edition of garuda uses GDM out of the box which has issues with Optimus-Manager.

If you run Optimus-Manager you get the following error message:
"ERROR: a GPU setup was initiated but Xorg post-start hook did not run.
Log at /var/log/optimus-manager/switch/switch-20220524T150946.log
If your login manager is GDM, make sure to follow those instructions:

If your display manager is neither GDM, SDDM nor LightDM, or if you don't use one, read the wiki:

Cannot execute command because of previous errors."

It can easily be fixed by changing the default login manager to GDM-Prime, instructions for which can be found on Optimus-Manager's git GitHub - Askannz/optimus-manager: A Linux program to handle GPU switching on Optimus laptops.

It was a pretty simple fix but considering Optimus-Manager is installed out of the box it would be nice if it just worked rather then required users to install a patched login manager.

Also, for any users reading I highly recommend installing gpu profile selector which adds an easy to use GUI for changing modes (you may also need to install envycontrol).


Sorry, unfortunately our new Gnome maintainer seems to be indisposed.
Garuda asks for your patience.


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