Firewall enabled by default....please?

Garuda should enable a firewall by default rather than making the user have to install one. This is a bit of a pain for me since I actually have to do this one manually. Just have it enabled and default blocking all incoming traffic and allowing all outgoing traffic.

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sudo pacman -Syu ufw
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw enable

Done in 30 seconds, a minute if you have to search for the commands. Where exactly is the pain part?


Just enable a firewall by default...this ensures the system has some level of protection right after install. Most of us are always connected to the internet. Leave no chance for an attacker to get in.

What about the users not knowing how to operate the firewall and get tons of broken applications?
I'm still waiting for evidence that this "hack" really happened..


we did this and we will never do it again


And break connection for hundreds of newbies?

Can you just give an example of "famous" Operating system that comes with firewall enabled?

And again, if you are that much insecure of "hackers", just enable it just after installation, would hardly take a minute.

Now, don't say that someone would hack you before a minute after your installation.


They probably have caps lock on/off when entering the password. Then when logging in to the installation they get a wrong password result. It’s the only thing that would make sense if it is across all platforms.


You are not directly connected to the open Internet - you are connected to a LAN, which has a router which connects you to the Internet. The router has a firewall, so you should configure that.

A firewall has very little utility within a LAN, only blocks connections to running processes, and therefore has very little value in being enabled by default.

"Just enable a firewall" is a cargo-cult approach to security.