Firefox profile corruption

So I booted up garuda today in the evening and tried to launch firefox and it would not launch. Told me to kill the old process (of which there was none) or delete old profile so after fiddling with it for a bit I did the obvious thing and booted into a previous snapshot from this morning but still the same. So I went to check the folder where I keep my profile (its a seperate folder in my data drive that I've used with windows for years at this point).
To my dismay the original profile folder had turned into a character device file pointing to /dev/null with size 0B . In the folder however there was another folder with similar name but -backup appended to it. Thanks to that I have all my logins and stuff saved and I have now backed up this folder elsewhere. What I want to know is what could've caused this? I used the browser this morning just fine.

Edit: I am on a laptop and garuda is on my ssd and the only OS on it. I used to use windows but garuda was working well for me uptil now. This is the first real issue I've had.
Edit2: Seems all my extensions were corrupted too so I have to reinstall them. They appear installed but arent functioning.

Sounds like that was created by profile-sync-daemon ?

Sometimes psd gets stuck, so restart it (systemctl --user restart psd), maybe a couple of times.

Using Linux-specific functionality on NTFS may well create issues. A native filesystem will be safer.


This may or may not be relevant.

Is that part of firefox? I still don't see when it could've done this. Since I just booted the system up. I should mention the backup folder is filled with crashrecover folders of the same profile as well. Except the crashrecovery is appended to the firefox-profile-backup so its essentially recovering the profile data of the backup and are dated back to 21st of March. Which means this has been happening in the background recently.

My ssd is completely linux. The hdd is not. I used windows up until 2 - 3 days ago when my windows installation finally decided to off itself by corruptiing its own boot config (don't ask me how). Anyways that drive is where all my media and personal files are stored so it needs to be compatible with windows so I can access it from any system linux or otherwise.

I included a link for reference.

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This refers to online syncing of profiles. My profile is local and I manage it myself. I don't use firefox's sync feature since it only on my laptop.

Sorry. I checked it out. That seems kind of overkill does it not? I will try to remove it. I have used the same profile folder on both windows and linux while I was dual booting looking for a distro to settle on and have never encountered this problem before. I will try to remove it.


Update: It seems the firefox-profile-backup folder I mentioned previously has become a symlink now and there is another folder called firefox-profile-backup-backup. This happened after I removed psd. What is going on here?

Did you stop the service or just remove the package? Have you rebooted since, and has it happened since then?


Just removed.



In addition I did a complete fresh install of garuda. And it still happening.

And if psd is included in Garuda then you just reinstalled it? :wink:


No I removed it on both instances. First install after finding out. 2nd install after fresh install. And its still happening

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Correction: I may have been quick to judge. I checked the crashrecovery folders and the timestamps on their names seem to be before I removed psd. I will keep an eye out. There haven't been further folders created as of writing this.

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Removing does not automatically disable psd. It can be disabled by

systemctl --user disable --now psd 

You can observe that the symlinked profile folders are no longer symlinked then.


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