Firefox , PGO , LTO and x86 V3 optimizations?

Is the default archlinux firefox binary built with any of those optimizations ? if so
Do they make a difference ?

PKGBUILD · main · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / firefox · GitLab

LTO and PGO seem to be enabled, v3 I don’t know.
If it means it won’t run on older processors, I guess not. It runs on this

  Info: dual core model: Pentium T4400 bits: 64 type: MCP cache: L2: 1024 KiB
  Speed (MHz): avg: 1568 min/max: 1200/2200 cores: 1: 1936 2: 1200

No idea how much of a difference they make.

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thank you , i’m using a v3 x86 CPU and i couldn’t find a binary of firefox with v3 optimizations enabled on archlinux , does it exist ?

There is no v3 on Arch.

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yes but not even on non official repositories ?

ALHP repos

unfortunately no , I’m using ALHP repos , they don’t include firefox

Ah, sorry then, they used to if I’m not mistaken.

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idk I only recently started using ALPH repos .

I know even less, I’m just the wetware prototype of an AI bot. Except I’m not PC.

ALHP Status all the firefox packages are either skipped or failed to build indeed.

Maybe, the cachyos-browser
beware of mixing repos though, may work or may cause trouble.

arch=(x86_64 x86_64_v3)

but, from Arch Linux CachyOS Benchmarks Of x86-64-v3 & x86-64-v4 Repositories - Phoronix

There wasn’t any major differences found with Mozilla Firefox web browser performance out of the CachyOS repositories.

no idea if that is still true, that article is from last year.

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i guess i’ll skip V3 then . thank you AI bot

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for v3 packages you need to look at cachy OS repos :eyes:
Have a look here :

with PGO and BOLT optimized :

I have played with it and yes it improves performance around 10 - 20 %(in my laptop)
But not now, I like to have a clean pacman.conf :slightly_smiling_face:


i’m currently using ALHP repos , idk if changing to cachyos repos is a safe thing to do .

I suspect a conglomeration of three competing repositories will amount to the same–a conglomeration of problems.


I’m only using a conglomeration of 2 competing repositories with no problems so far , but does removing ALHP repos and switching to cachyos can lead to problems ?

well, I would say, it will need to be break down in two steps :

  1. Remove ALHP properly and update and reboot
  2. Add CachyOS

or directly add CachyOS (Well, this can be problematic )


thank you

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Doesn’t CachyOS have several optimized repos, depending on the specific hardware?

And doesn’t CachyOS already have a published Plasma 6 ISO/edition? Personally, it makes more sense to skip-the-middleman and simply install CachyOS. Then again, some here find me kinda simple-minded, so…


I plan on doing that with my next PC purchase , I’m totally satisfied with my garuda install.

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V3 only makes a significant difference in very limited situations. Mostly computationally intensive tasks.

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