Firefox 91 - bringing back non-proton GUI

I was really annoyed when I noticed that Mozilla removed the non-Proton GUI starting with 91.0.
This is especially stupid because 91.0 is an ESR release.
Why didn't they wait for 92.0?!

Well anyway, I took matters into my own hands, and I simply reverted the commits that removed the non-proton code.

Now, I'm not a coder and it's possible that I messed up something while I was using mercurial, but in a first test, it seems to work.
Proceed at your own risk though, maybe I removed/added too much or too little, and maybe there are security implications which I'm not aware of.

So here is the patch: restore-non-proton-v2.patch · master · torvic9 / Firefox · GitLab

You will also need to restore a missing PNG file: tab-overflow-indicator.png · master · torvic9 / Firefox · GitLab
which has to go into $srcdir/browser/themes/shared/tabbrowser
(a binary diff did not work here, that's why it's not included in the patch above)



Its quite amazing that people dislike this new theme - I'm quite in love with it :smiley:

But this is another great example of why open source is great: you don't like it? Change it :innocent:


I do not dislike the new theme - I dislike the fact that they removed the perfectly viable alternative. Having thought about it... no I actually do not like the new theme :slight_smile:
Only good thing is code cleanup. The patch above is 360 KByte...