Firedragon time is off

Firedragon gives greetings as per time. It thinks time is 10PM time (I am in CA where it is 3PM).

also shows me that later time. I think that time is the GMT.

My top bar widget, however, shows correct time.

Just letting you know, this is probably a small bug somewhere.

This is an anti-fingerprinting measure. it is not a bug.


Do you mean greeting in Tabliss (new tab page)? If so, there is a settings icon at the top left of the page, clicking on which you can select the proper timezone you want.


Yeah, timezone will change, but greetings won't change.

Like, it will say good morning in night etc.


Thats actually something I never noticed, probably due to being close to the shown value. Kind of pointless to have a timezone setting then :smiley:


Yes, the new tab. But as the other poster said, changing the time does not seem to change the greeting.
I will experiment more and update if the situation changes. Thanks to all who replied.

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