Firedragon missing a plugin?

In the add-ons and themes section there is plugins, mine is empty. Is it supposed to be?
Asking because firedragon cannot play any livestreams, most videos is okay but not all. What does your guys plugins show as?

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Not running any additional plugins here and I can watch things fine from what I can tell, (apart from the Garuda Piped instance being down currently of course). I'm only running some extensions.
Wild guess, but are you trying to watch DRM content without allowing it? Other than that, it could be a DNS issue or some other networking issue.
What content are you having trouble with exactly?

Also, post garuda-inxi output from terminal, enclosed in ~~~ at the top and bottom of the output.


Issue was solved by installing ffmpeg4.4

ffmpeg version n6.0 Copyright (c) 2000-2023 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 12.2.1 (GCC) 20230201
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Scratching my head with you there SGS.
I can only guess that even though Firedragon only requires a new ffmpeg package, that somehow certain videos depend on some specific versions of things the ffmpeg4.4 package provides. I've noticed I have both ffmpeg and ffmpeg4.4 packages on my system from extra.


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