Firedragon | login to firefox account


Hello all,

even though i searched this forum and at the time I m writing this, i can see some other posts with Firedragon, I cannot find any information about how to logon to my firefox account and sync all my settings.

  1. Is this simply not possible?
  2. If ( i cannot imagine it at all, because it is a firefox fork isnt it? ) it is not possible
    how can I set firefox to my standard browser.
    Of course, I have set it up in my Garuda Settings, but every time the system uses firedragon
    instead of firefox.

Many thanks for your help in advance and keep on the good work.


It is possible but that includes fiddling around with about:config values :smiley:

Either system default settings or ~/.profile to be changed.


Thanks guys, I altered my settings in /.profile and now everything is ok.
Thanks for helping me. I have to alter my post to something like [solved] ?

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