Firedragon for Windows?

I was wondering how Dragonized would run on my friend's old desktop with a Core2 Duo and 4gigs DDR2. She let me run from a USB stick and watched. Animations worked nicely and she thought it was the prettiest system she ever saw. I agreed. It had no internet, but I opened and mentioned Firedragon. She asked if it had Google (she dislikes Google) and I told her what I know about Whoogle, and SearX, and the included privacy extensions. She wants Firedragon on her Windows 10 now. I was wondering which Windows browser @dr460nf1r3 or anyone else with privacy browser knowledge thinks might be a decent alternative and also if there were one with something like Searx and Whoogle. I haven't done my homework on this because I avoid Windows mostly, at least as much as I can (I do personal computer repair). Are there plans for a Firedragon for Windows?

I'm going out on a limb here @arkansawdave74 & state this. If Winblows 10 has a linux sub-system installed then yes, using a Linux Web Browser such as the one you mentioned is a possibility. I'd check more into Firefox or Brave, etc. before trying uncharted waters. I don't know anyone who was willing to go that route when there are other suitable options. Just my humble opinion & nothing more. Good luck !!!


I hadn't thought of that, but I thought that was only for terminal use and I tried it once. It was very sandboxed...I just scoff at it now because, at least back when it was new, it seemed pretty useless to me. And I like scoffing at Windows, anyway. Lol. Thanks for the thought though. Maybe it has improved.

Ask her to install this.

And then follow this original post, for steps, excluding Linux-specified things.

Then you have made it almost "FireDragon for Windows" :wink:


Thank you, @SameExpert . That's the answer I was looking for. If anyone wants to add anything I'm all ears still.


I would also advise to install her Librewolf. I don't plan to invest time into learning how building for Windows work. However Firedragon is based on Librewolf which makes a good to-go option as it provides Windows builds already.
Search engines can easily be added when visiting the respective page - other features such as DNS-over-HTTPS can be replicated by having a look at Librewolfs settings :slight_smile:


For some reason I expected that LOL. I do have another question however and if you think I should make a new thread I will. I removed my ~/.firedragon directory to clear and reset Firedragon. As you can guess, it cleared more than I intended so I uninstalled and reinstalled fire dragon and fire dragon helper and all but the gtk optional dependencies. Will it be set up like you intended now or will I have to work a little harder at it?

EDIT: I keep a fresh Dragonized VM for fixing such goofs. I can pull a fresh directory from there. So, never mind, I've got this.


Removing the ~/.firedragon directory effectively resets the browser to "just installed" state - reinstalling wont change anything in this case. Only if did some changes to /usr/lib/firedragon reinstalling would "fix" or "reset" the browser to the original state. :slight_smile:


I lost all the extensions by removing ~/.firedragon, but they appear to be back after the re-install.

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These should be installed on "first startup" :eyes:


Ah...thanks for the help!!

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