Firedragon crashes

Hello Gamers,

I'm an arch enjoyer and yoinked firedragon because it looks pretty cool
Worked fantastic so far, but over the last few days it keeps crashing after about half an hour even with less than 10 tabs
I'm using the lts kernel - 6.1.20-1-lts - currently and was initially on kde, but switched to gnome in the meantime and the issue persisted on both DEs and survived a complete reinstall
Is that a problem on firedragons side, something one of you guys experiences aswell or am i missing something?
Didn't toy around with anything that could be relevant to the issue


Are you on the latest version? This release seems to be cursed :eyes:

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just got an update to version 111.0 maybe that fixes it

oh wait you make that don't you?
appreciate your work


been fine for 6h after update to 111.0, should be resolved


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