Fingerprinting and system fonts

Out of curiosity, I ran a fingerprinting test (, with a mostly stock librewolf browser. The results were not great but not as bad as I assumed (1 in 15,000 or something like that) as long as I didn't full screen the browser.

The most identifying pieces of information by far were (1) System fonts and (2) browser dimensions (1 in 100 and 1 in 140 respectively.

Short of using noscript, I wonder if there is a way to improve the system fonts rating?

Anyone have any input, advice, experience?

I know this is not Garuda specific, but since Garuda devs have made a point of using sane privacy centered defaults, and librewolf is focused on privacy, I figure its a topic that may be of interest to many here. (if it is not appropriate, feel free to delete, I'm still learning what is and isn't acceptable topics here)

Use Tor Browser and make sure you don't sign in to sites etc.

There's only so much a browser can do, the rest is down to your online behaviour.


Tor Browser is a good tool for more critical/serious use-cases, for everyday browsing with the goal of minimizing passive tracking the tradeoff is too high (at least for me).

I do like that the Tor team has put so much work into discussing and mitigating fingerprinting, but the performance / usability tradeoffs are overkill for me personally.

Not the most 'viewed as safe' browser out there, but the system fonts returns 1 in 95265 from Brave - with no particular effort on my part. Apparently it randomizes well...

Just for info! :grin:


In about:config you can set layout.css.font-visibility.level = 1 or, as a more comprehensive solution, you can enable privacy.resistFingerprinting.

See the remarks and links for FF80 here.


Regarding resist fingerprinting, it looks like Librewolf turns on privacy.resistfingerprinting as a default already.