Filezilla install

how the sh.t install the Filezilla??? Always error... And this super FTP client why not installed automatically???

Have you tried?

sudo pacman -Syu filezilla

If that doesn't work, please share the full output here.


Personally I'd just use winscp. Much better interface and easier to use and doesn't have all the bundled crap in filezilla.

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rsync ftw if possible.

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Suggest you get familar with the below links

That's strange, I confirm that I've been able to install FileZilla with no issues on my fresh new (installed 3 days ago) and up to date Garuda Linux.
I simply typed

pacman -S filezilla

what's your issue?

OMG, have you not already heard, Garuda is super bloated as it is!!!

If we added one more package the ISO would likely burst, (being so overly stuffed already).

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Just swap one of the three terminals for it :wink: