File system of garuda linux

Which file system does garuda linux use??? When i try to download an rpm file the ark opens up so i need help...

Garuda use BTRFS as a filesystem


but i know i want to ask that which download file system garuda linux uses like windows uses .exe file system ... So like that what garuda linux uses?


I would make sure whatever you're looking for isn't available for Arch already somewhere. I don't know much about it but if you search "rpm" on Pamac you might find tools to convert your rpm file, and if not then you can look into making PKGBUILD yourself from the files you extract from rpm. Not sure if there's a simpler way...


Welcome to Garuda.

No offense friend, but your knowledge level is sorely lacking to run an Arch based system.

To give you an analogy, we are not running a preschool on our forum where we teach kids to tie their shoes. We expect users are already capable of reading and all this information is available on the Arch Wiki.

I suggest you start reading the Arch Wiki if you intend to run any Arch based distro.

Arch/Garuda does not use rpm files.


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