Feelings about this review and comments?

Just because I mainly disagree and many things are presented to be "more bad", than they actually are.

I wanted to see other opinions. And please, nicely presented opinions :wink:

As everyone knows, opinions are like a**holes. Everybody got one! :slight_smile:

I think I can spend my time more wisely. :grin:

I know he doesn't like Garuda Dragonized, so why does he keep installing it again and again and making new videos about it? I don't know.

If I like XYZ's music, a video with a different opinion won't change mine.

But as a wise man once said, bad publicity is better than no publicity :slight_smile:

I took the liberty to change your link to YT.

Now I had to waste time on it after all. Too bad.


My opinion is that I won't bother watching a 43 min video.


I found it actually refreshing, to read the comments also :laughing:

At the moment, everything is going down the drain worldwide, so I don't need this kind of β€œrefreshing”.


As of my opinion, that's the model example, when someone has an "agenda".
It comes, very plain to see, what he's agenda is.

A good reviewer or columnist can rise above that and still present they don't actually like some things, but they can see, that those things don't necessarily bother others.

Rude joking doesn't make HIM to appear any more mature, now, does it?
And, of course, then there are the "Yes"-people commenting, how they share exactly the same opinion...

It does take learning, to see your own work get trashed or downvoted. If there is a proper reason for some comments, then you take a note and think what you can do better.

If there isn't, just take it with a good amount of comic relief and have a proper laugh!

I mean, I would think you can see enough opposite things, like ebuzz central's latest video.

Anyway, got some laughs out of the video and the comments.
Well, and maybe first a small amount of unbelief about his sayings. But as I had time to think, the video and the comments. I changed my stance on how to take it :smile:

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Feels like he had an issue before even beginning to review it. Definitely felt biased from the start.

If it's not vanilla Arch, it's not good according to him.

You can't even use a Zen kernel. Stock only.

He must be fun at the dinner parties.

So you can't use your own customisations or scripts, or even updater without him saying it's too complex.99% of the distros would be gone. Stupid. Maybe he should also criticise the Linux kernel itself? Or Xorg, or Wayland, or Pulse Audio. Etc

Also, I assume like most, is it's not recommended to run in a VM because you don't get the best performance - which is what Garuda is made for.
They want you to experience it running at peak. Which is why you could run a live USB and not in a VM.

Anyway, im pretty sure enthusiasts of any distro would ignore most of this.

the thing that linux users tend to forget about distros is that there are soooo many distros to choose from, so at the end of the day its down to choosing one that fits one's needs best. besides moving from one distro to another costs $0.00 and ~30 minutes of a day, so bashing distros they don't like is just.............. pointless, i think? its not like there's brand loyalty in linux.

i was confused when they said linux had a strong and generally welcoming community, yet after migrating all i saw most of the time was them bashing each other for liking something different.

best to just ignore him and move on, i guess.....

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