Feedback on Garuda Linux

This is sort of my feedback on Garuda and a thank you, though my spelling and grammar leaves much to be desired, so please be forewarned reading forward.

I would like to personally thank everyone who is involved in making Garuda, this one surprised me. I have been a long time distro hopper, though I seem to gravitate towards Arch-based distros so this one was likely to please. Having gone with the Ultimate and been forwarned of its usage of Zram I was surprised that its only using 10% of my system RAM but that is not why I am pleased with what your distro has done. Normally speaking if a distro installed a bunch of software I would be unhappy though in this case I had done some research and had a vague clue what I was diving into. So what do I like?

① I think that most of all it is the out of box experience, not only is the choice of themes and icons top quality, it has introduced me to both browser plugins and software I never knew existed. Namely Joplin, guiscrpy, Meld and the countless others still waiting for me to explore. Perhaps it is too much software though I could have gone Lite and the software choices seem very well thought out. I appreciate the Bitwarden and Dark Reader plugins and was happy to see uBlock included while others I have not yet fully explored. That was enough to get me to sign up for a Bitwarden and transfer my LastPass, in addition to creating a nextcloud account. ② The welcome screen is most probably the best and most practical one I have encountered yet, the garuda utilities are very welcomed and I appreciate the ③ Timeshift and btrfs integration. ④ Having the Linix-Zen kernel out of the box was very welcomed, I have been wanting to try this kernel but too lazy to do so myself.

What do I not like so much? It is hard to pick apart a well-done Distro but there are a few. ① Though I can't remember much from the installer I don't recall there being much choice in the included software and that is something I would have preferred, though I stand corrected as there may have been that I overlooked in my haste to try this. ② NextCloud: The idea of having a provider or doing it yourself is new and was confusing for me. I probably should have gone to your included Garuda Start Page which would have cleared that up, instead, the first time I see this from my memory was when I took a screenshot or other app for sharing, being prompted by the wizard and not knowing who to choose. ③ Although wine being included is a good idea, I think this ties in with my preference for choice in software, I would rather have had the initial choice, but who knows maybe it was there and I am complaining without merit. ④ On the Garuda Wiki the page How to remove "bloatware"? has some screenshots that include a language that is not English, perhaps this could be moved to a different translation of the page.

Though the Wiki clearly states, and any Linux user should know, that the bloatware (if considered that) can easily be removed from the system. Currently, I am experiencing stability issues that I believe are not related to Garuda but rather my Ryzen 1st Gen 1700X which has known problems so the stability could just be my hardware.

Ultimately, Thake you for making Garuda, I want to continue using this great distro and look forward to seeing it grow. I want to make it my daily driver and it will be if I can fix my stability problems. Also, the web developer who made the site for Garuda Linux has done an amazing job. That is what I like to see in 2020.


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