(Feedback) garuda-update could be better

Hello Garuda users.

I am using garuda-update coomand to install updates on my Garuda KDE system.
I update every time I reboot or power on the system .

I have seen that garuda-update force refreshes mirrors regularly , each time I run the coomand despite of the recency , which wastes lot of data and put unnecessary load on the mirror providers.

I think garuda-update should only refresh mirrors in case if default servers are not working instead of refreshing regardless of their status

I would understand if it refreshed weekly or at some other fixed interval .

But you can avoid that with the --skip-mirrorlist parameter.
If you know what you do, how often you update, that's really useful.


Another paramter to remember
I was looking for something like
Cant it be added if (refresh mirror today = true) > don't refresh again today
Sorry my coding skills are not upto mark :joy: :joy:

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No need to check into the code since:



There are no default servers in this case, the servers set are the last ones chosen by rate-mirrors. The servers can continue working, but may not be serving the latest packages, which could make updating an exercise of futility. The chosen mirrors are restricted to being 6 hours old for that reason.


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