Feedback for Garuda Dr460nized developer version


I would like to write a short feedback since on telegram I had a request to do so.
For 2 days I'm using one of the latest Dr460nized Garuda build.

  1. I really really like and appreciate the change from Latte dock to KDE panels, system feels faster and more snappy. The new dock is a bit strange at first since I was so much used to Latte-dock but I understand how to work with it for a short time. Just drag and drop icons on it, and add second garuda dock and garuda panel for my second screen.
    The dock has many features missing compare to Latte but honestly I don't miss them a lot. But to mention what I feel is missing is being able to remove the background from Garuda dock so that only the icons can be seen. Time for reaction, using scroll to open the applications on the dock. Using middle mouse button click to open a new instance of the application.
    I think those features are not something Garuda is able to add since this is KDE proprietary so no big deal tbh.
  2. Overall stability of the platform is very good, CPU load, temperatures are great (I'm using a laptop and I'm trying to keep it as cool as possible) resource consumption is low and system in general feels very snappy.
  3. Minor issues I encountered are as a following:
  • Using meta key (windows button) to open the Garuda application menu doesn't work, if I try to assign it , the shortcut asks for additional button.
  • Overall problems with the dkms I think are called, or the nvidia drivers that are shipping with garuda, I had to install using open source drivers and after this I used the frogging family drivers listed here in the forums. I believe this is something again not so much to do with Garuda but with the stupid closed source Nvidia drivers and my GPU model. Overall I found a work around and I am more than happy to be back to Dr460nized.

I will try to further write my experience here if I notice something more, thank you for the effort as always.


The meta key thing seems to have something to do with the latte dock, I don't use KDE so I don't know but maybe there's something useful here: Meta key shortcut not working

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Latte dock is not used anymore in this latest build. Please read carefully what I wrote above.

You are not using an official version.

BTW, check kwinrc

kwriteconfig5 --file ~/.config/kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta "org.kde.plasmashell,/PlasmaShell,org.kde.PlasmaShell,activateLauncherMenu"

I changed the headline.


Yep thanks for changing it.
No this command doesn't fix it still can't open it with the meta key.

Did you log out and back in afterwards?

Yes it works ! Thanks!

It's feedback on the test build, which we talked about on Telegram.


It was "something" after all.

I hope you used desktop right-click -> add panel for this :slight_smile: There are presets for this exact purpose :smiley:

Sadly yes. Gotta use what gets provided by the panels :slight_smile:

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Yep I did used exactly this method for adding the panel and the dock.
So is the plan if I may ask is to leave behind Latte dock and stick to KDE pannels?

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How does the dock and top panel size work out for you? A few people mentioned they were too small :thinking:

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They are perfect in terms of Size for me.
I resized the panel on my second monitor with 1 or 2 to make it just a bit bigger but that's due to my eye sight I believe.
The dock on another hand is perfect size for me.

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When did this happen upstream?!

If there are leftover files from Latte, the Meta key won't work. Check ~/.config/kwinrc and ~/.config/kwinrulesrc for keybinds for Meta button




A cool think I've discovered for turning the dock background transparent -
The switch for some reason doesn't work but if you assign a hot key to it works great:


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