Feedback about Garuda OS

This is my third day using Garuda. After some issues in installing the OS, I eventually have it on my computer.
I can see that a lot of work has gone in to developing this OS and I am very impressed. I am coming from Ubuntu and its derivatives, so its challenging for me but I am enjoying using the Garuda. I am so impressed by Desktop, how intuitive much of it is and the smoothness of various actions. IU have already connected my phone, installed various programs (Apps).
I thank all those who have contributed to building this OS and I look forward to using it for my daily OS. Thanks again


I couldn't agree more!

It's a beautiful, fast, responsive and intuitive system...kudos to the devs (again :grin:)

Thanks for the comments, I guess it makes all the 'Teams' hard work worth it!


Yeah, it's hard jumping from one DE & packaging system to another where they are both different, but if you persevere at some point you'll wonder why you ever ran anything else. :smiley:

Some light reading material:


Thanks Cooter, I will put my glasses on and dig in.