Feature Request: Material Shell Extension in Gnome Edition

Good day devs,

So I was not sure where to ask for feature requests so I posted here! Sorry if this is not the intended procedure!

Basically I would like if you guys could integrate the Material Shell extension into Garuda Gnome edition.

I tired installing "material shell" through the command line.. it installed okay, but there are a few bugs present!

Now from what I understand Manjaro uses the Material Shell extension on their gnome edition.. I tired it in a virtual machine and none of the bugs are present (UI issues mostly)..

I find the Material Shell really cool.. And it would be great if you could get it to work with Garuda's default configuration..

I am not much of a techie.. And there aren't many tutorials online to follow on this matter.. or else I would have done it myself. From what I presume there might be some conflict between the default configuration and what Material Shell is trying to achieve which is bringing some UI glitches..


There is a sub-category in #feedback , called #feedback:feature-requests .


I'm not a Gnome user, but I guess this could go against a recent decision that I do remember:


Thats exactly the post I just wanted to link :wink:
Manjaro does something different than Arch - they hold back package versions to ensure compatibility. As we always use latest available versions things tend to break at major software releases - a bad situation for users and maintainers. Thats why we wont provide any extensions apart from the GNOME default ones anymore - you are free to install them yourself however, a few clicks and its done :yum:


As a Gnome user myself that was the correct decision to make as it hurts the distribution and Gnome using 3rd party Extensions more so when designed for a Ubuntu spin.

That being said i use Gnome extentions with very few problems.


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