Fast Dell ALienWare Desktop / Fan Speed problem

I just installed Garuda DKE Dragonized on a very fast Dell Alienware PC.

The fan speed ( too fast) is bothering me.

When using windows 10 that came with it, the fan was a lot slower.

What are your suggestions to lower the fan speed ?

16 GB Ram, Onboard SSD drive, 3080 video card etc etc

I have been using Garuda for several months with great success on my Lenovo Yoga Laptop

You know the drill.


Why? If it was laptop, I could agree that fan speed might be a problem.
But frankly, I have never noticed my fan speed on desktop. If they are running, everything is fine...

Also, post output of

inxi -Faz

As text.


Tks for trying to help me. I went to another OS for that PC for different reason. But tks
Still using Garuda on my Lenovo Yoga and love it !

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