Familiar with Manjaro, considering trying Garuda

Hi, I just saw Garuda and buiding the bootable usb to test it, I'm mainly at Windows, and used Manjaro for sometime, today we got virus attached so thought to use Linux for a while could not know which one could be more secure, but noticed Haruda for the first time, nd thought to give it a try, but what could be the advantage from Garuda community point view to use Garuda over Manjaro? Thanks

This topic has been discussed many times, so I would suggest doing some searches on the forum. I think the main reason you will find is that they hold back packages for testing. What this can do, and has (my own experience,) is get the packages out of sync with AUR (community repo for apps) packages and can cause more harm then what they trying to prevent in good faith efforts. I would not recommend Manjaro personally for this reason alone.

What they do have is a good community and forum. A lot of my general Arch issues have led me to their posts and solved many issues. Good luck.


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