Failed with Error code 1002 []

Hi, I love using Since yesterday I have been met with the error Failed with Error code 1002, while trying to play videos. Changing the instance in the preference does work. But I usually felt like the custom instance (which I assume is the Garuda self hosted one) always gave me a smooth experience.
Am I the only one facing this or is the custom instance no longer “smooth”?

Works fine just now, maybe too much traffic on Friday night :smiley:

Upps, you are right, maybe @dr460nf1r3 can help.


If it can be of any help, sometimes they come back

YouTube blocking instances?
Maybe some new trick is needed like here? :wink:


So I guess I have to be patient? … or forge for a solution.

I loved watching piped on Garuda though, always felt fast and smooth. Although the other instances work, I always feel like am walking in a pool of mud. If the video ain’t freezing in between frames, it takes a couple of years to load.

Let me hope for the best.

Sadly, this is very likely caused by rate limiting yet again, which requires us to rotate IPv6 again (which needs to be done manually due to the nature of our declarative server setup). Hosting this instance has been troublesome for quite a while because of rate limiting and YouTube actively trying to eliminate this kind of third-party client.


This one’s just been completed. Videos are loading again. Until the next time we get rate-limited (we are already using 10 random IPv6 of our subnet to do the outgoing requests) :eyes:


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