Facebook Messenger / Live Stream

So far, my Linux experience has gone pretty well. But today I ran into 2 issues.

First, I tried watching the live stream "En Direct" from Radio Canada. The video would show as a picture and not play. I refresh the page and just get an updated static image. I did try with a VPN. I eventually rebooted on Windows and it worked flawlessly.

I then tried joining a conference call on Facebook Messenger. The video didn't work there either. Using FireDragon.

Why are those unsupported?

These could be security features of Firedragon.
Try to check/click the buttons on the left side of the address bar.
and change the Autoplay
Maybe give a look also in the Firedragon Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Autoplay settings.
After enabling "your" site, I get:

Now it works :slight_smile:
Same for messenger, hopefully...