Experience with Intel GPUs?

Hello Garuda users.

I want to know, do you have any experience with either Intel's Arc A380 or Arc A750 card? Officially, only Ubuntu 22 is supported but I have read some Reddit posts where they mentioned, as an open-source driver, it could be ported and someone would be using it with Arch Linux.

Do you know anyone who could successfully run such a graphics card on Garuda Linux?

The card requires Linux 6.0 or higher and Mesa 22.3 I think.

Let me know.

Did you try booting a Garuda Live ISO?


The kernel has had Intel Arc support in it since 6.2

Plug-n-play the Linux way.


I have one. It works great, no issues whatsoever. You don't need to do anything, it will work automatically with no action required--including in the live environment--because the drivers are built into the kernel since 6.1 (actually even 6.0 seemed to be working fine in my case).


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