Experience of 3 days

After installation of the 'Dragonized' Linux Zen version 3 days ago I would like to share my initial experience (I came from Linux Mint Cinnamon btw.)
The installation process was flawless, I kept my old 'Home' partition by not formatting it. Now I have the two first partions 'Boot' and 'Root or /' in btrf and 'Home' in exp4, no issues at all. Dragon even found quite a few additional programs referred to in my 'home' which I had been using and installed them.:+1:
More prior programs were found and installed when I used the Setup Assistant. Worked perfectly.:+1:
I didn't find a good program for managing/configuring HDD, so, again without issues, i installed gnome-disk-utility and got the next pleasant surprise: When I opened it I could mount a HDD which I had formatted accidentally some days ago but had tried in vain to recover with 'Testdisk'. In Cinnamon I only got an 'I/O Error, my new Garuda opened it wih no issues and all the files I had there! :+1:
Of course I am far away from finding out about all the possibilities to change the appearance, but even after 20 Minutes I had something I like (I don't like neon colours....)
Next I opened my Thunderbird and - presto! My complete huge profile with 6 email accounts opened immediately and quickly. :+1:
The installation of Virtualbox turned out to be not so easy. When I started it I got a 'vboxes.conf missing' error. I searched here in the Forum, found the solution (you actually have to create than config file to get the correct Vbox kernel started), and after rebooting the Virtualbox works fine.:+1:
In between the configuration stuff I also got some little work jobs done. Easy, and I'm impressed with the speed and fluidity of processes. :+1:
I still have some more setting up to do (like mounting my NAS drives using 'fstab', seems there is no GUI for that) and then of course setting up the 'Activities' and 'Virtual Desktops' (the functionality for which I switched to KDE Plasma and arrived at Garuda), I have checked and they seem to be just what I want. So I don't expect any issues.

Preliminary Summary: Really impressive and functional Linux version (before installing it I tried some others from Live isos, focussing on KDEnPlasma). Easy to get started even if there is long way to go until you have the system you want. Very good supportive apps - and helpful people in the Forum.
Try as I might: I don't find something to be grumpy about (which amounts to: Spectacular)!
Unless I want to criticize, that the possibilities to tweak and configure are overwhelming, and this makes it "sell under potential". Like someone said in a video ( KDE Plasma is WASTING its POWER. Let's fix that! - YouTube) about exactly this aspect: Plasma is wasting its power, and that includes Garuda.
Go Garuda Team! Go!


Nice, detailed review.




May I ask a follow -up question? Does Wine work well in Garuda? Anything to keep in mind?

Please keep in mind there are subforums for such questions/issues. :slight_smile:


:+1: Sorry, you are right.

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